Spectral analysis of surface waves. Active methods. Technical recommendations



This paper is an overview of the basic concepts and procedures involved in conventional surface wave measurements. The work is aimed at providing some general guidelines for the employment of active surface wave methods to determine the stiffness proiilc of soil deposits and pavement systems. These technical recommendations focus on conventional SASW testing, where the objective is to determine the shear wave velocity profile of a layered system by applying a theoretically-based inversion algorithm to an experimental dispersion curve obtained with the two-station method. The article reviews some of the most salient aspects involved in surface wave testing including the SASW equipment, the field testing procedure and the data interpretation. Particular emphasis is placed to the inversion analysis, which represents perhaps the most delicate aspect in the interpretation of SASW testing. Although no specific algorithm for the inversion of the experimental dispersion curve is recommended, details are given about the general objectives of an inversion analysis, its intrinsic limitations, and on possible inversion strategies. The article ends with some remarks on the estimation of the uncertainty in surface wave measurements, and with some proposals about the organization of the technical report containing the results of a SASW testing session.

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