The Time Capsule Project (TCP) has been launched by ISSMGE with the targets of:

  • describing some of the collective experience of their member societies and technical committees in an accessible way for broader geotechnical community;
  • assisting the current and future generations of geotechnical engineers with a road map that helps them access the past, present and future in geotechnical engineering;
  • providing a platform for worldwide geotechnical engineers to recognize their own history and addressing the future and upcoming challenges.

Therefore, the project aims to create a worldwide database, collecting the most significant results and experiences of the past, the possible solutions to the problems of the present, the prospects and challenges of the future, in order to represent in an effective way the contributions that geotechnical engineering can offer.

The Italian Geotechnical Association (AGI) was immediately called upon to reflect internally and recollect what could be the most representative products of its history. A specific working group, represented by Guido Gottardi, was set up to analyze the received proposals and select those that can emblematically represent the Italian contribution to the history of international geotechnics.

A couple of these proposals have been identified as undoubtedly representative of case studies of special relevance and of innovative equipment; they are currently being implemented in the form of products that can be used by the international community and will be soon made available on this page.

At the same time, the AGI Young Members Committee, represented by Francesca Ceccato, has promoted and carried out a survey about the future of Geotechnical Engineering, whose outcome has been summarized in the document you can access here.

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