International workshop “Occurance and mechanisms of flow-like landslides in natural slopes and earthfills

Nome della Conferenza / Evento: Atti IW FLOWS Sorrento (NA), 2003

Anno di pubblicazione: 2003



Un Volume Interamente  a stampa di 326 pp.



Opening Address
L. Picarelli

Opening Lecture

Review of mass movements in granular and fine-
grained materials
J. Hutchinson

Sesssion I: Flow-like landslides in granular soils (debris, flows,
flowslides, flows in  residual soils)

Introductory reports

A review of catastrophic flow failures of deposits of mine waste
and municipal refuse
G.E. Blight, A.B. Fourie

Flow slieds and flows in granular soils
O. Hungr

Debris flows in areas of residual soils: occurrence and characteristics
M.A. Kanji, F. Massad, P.T. Cruz

Invited papers

Slope instabilities in the pyroclastic deposits of the carbonate
apennine and the phlegraean district (Campania, Italy)
D. Calcaterra, R. De Riso, A. Evangelista, M.V. Nicotera, A. Santo,
A. Scotto di  Santolo

The contribution of soil suction measurements to the analysis of flowslide
 L. Cascini, G. Sorbino

The collapse of the Stava tailing basins – analysis og the event and
P. Colobo, F. Colleselli

Slope geometry as a triggering factor of flowslides
C. Deangeli, G.P. Giani

Giant mass movements in volcanic islands: the case of Tenerife
M. Hurlimann, A. Ledesma

Flowlides in pyroclastic soils: transition from “static liquefaction” to “
A. Musso, L. Olivares

Invited papers

Dynamics and energy balances in uniform liquid-granular flows
A. Armanini, L. Fraccarollo, M. Larcher

Current state of research on flow failure considering void redistribution
in liquefied deposits
T. Kokusho

Flume tests on sand subjected to seepage with the influence of
hidden barriers
W.A. Lacerda, A.S. avelar

Role of grain size and fine-particle content on the pore-pressure
generation and movement of rainfall-induced landslides:
an experimental study
G. Wang, K. Sassa, H. Fukuoka

Special lecture

On the mobility of quick clays: the cases of the St. Jean-Vianney
flowslides of 1663 and 1971
J. Locat, S. Leroueil, P. Locat

Session II: Flow-like landslides in fine grained soils

Introductory reports

Mechanics of earthflows
R.L. Baum, W.Z. Savage, J. Wasowski

Experience of mudslides in italy
A. Pellegrino, L. Picarelli, G. Urciuoli

Invited papaers

Two cases of mudslides in different geological and climatic environments
M.G. Angeli, S. Silvano

Basal incorporation in mudslides at the slide-flow interface –
some remaining questions
E.N. Bromhead, K.M. Clarke

Features of earthflows and other flow-like movements and their
relation to landslide motion mechanisms
J. Corominas

Shear behaviour of pre.existing shear zones under fast loading –
insights on the landslide motion
L.J.L. Lemos

Hydrological behaviour of earthflows developed in clay-shales.
Investiation, concept and modelling
J.P. Malet, O. Maquaire, Th.W.J. Van Asch

The slumgullion landslide (southwestern Colorado, USA): investigation and  
M. Parise, J.A. Coe, W.Z. Savage, K.J. Varnes

Shear strength parameters and surface instabilities associated with
L.E. Vallejo

Special lecture

Mobilization of submarine flows: examples and questions
H.J. Lee, J. Locat

Short Contributions: the Stromboli submarine landslide

Preliminary results of sar monitoring of the Sciara del Fuoco on
 the Stromboli volcano
N. Casagli, P. Farina, L. guerri, D. Tarchi, J. Fortuny, D. Leva, G. Nico

Preliminary analysis of the December 2002 instability phenomena
at Stromboli volcano
P. Tommasi, F. Chiocci, M. Marsella, M. Coltelli, M. Pompilio

Post-workshop paper

Submerged hummocky topographies and relations with landslides
on the northwestern flank of Ischia Island, southern Italy
C. Violante, F. Budillon, E. Esposito, S. Porfido, E. Vittori

L. Picarelli



List of participants

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