International Conference on Fast Slope Movements Prediction and Prevention for Risk Mitigation

Nome della Conferenza / Evento: Atti IC FSM Volume I Napoli, 2003

Anno di pubblicazione: 2003



Un Volume Interamente  a stampa di 551 pp.


Hazard and risk assessment in landslide prone hill country of Sri Lanka
B.Abeysinghe, Y.Iwao

Assessment of potential debris flow inundation areas on a small alluvial
fan in southern Italy
P.Aleotti, G.Polloni, P.Canuti, R.Franti, G.Pappalardo, G.Grimaldi, G.Lombardi,  

Risk assessment of land sliding on the basis of case histories using a safety
cube analysis
P.Amann, K.D.Eigenbrod

Methodology of debris flows diagnosis on an alpine watershed
E.Bardou, C.Bonnard, L.Vulliet

Debris flow initiation in an highly-conductive soil
M.Berti, A.Simoni

Study of a complex landslide movement for risk assessment: the example
of the Poggio Ferrato landslide (Northern Italy)
G.Braga, C.Meisina, S.Piccio

Land Management criteria after a large rockfall. A case history

A flow slide in a pyroclastic soil fill
R.Cairo, G.Dente

Landslide hazard and risk mapping: experiences from Campania, Italy
D.Calcaterra, R.De Riso, A,Santo

Some examples of slope movements monitored by round-based sar
P.Canuti, N.Casagli, P.Farina, D.Leva, D.Tarchi, G.Nico

Ageing and stress history effects on reactivated residual strength of
cormons flysch
P.Carrubba, R.Meriggi, M.Nadin

Occurence and consequences of flowslides: a case study
L.Cascini, S.Ferlisi

Modeling of flowslide triggering in pyroclastic soils
L.Cascini, G.Sorbino, S.Cuomo

Contribution of roots to slope stability: an overview of typical results for
different plants
D.Cazzuffi, F.Tironi

Considerations on probabilistic and fuzzy-based approaches in slope
stability assessments
C.Cherubini, P.Masi

From landslide, Northern Mountains of Puebla, Mexico
O.A.Cunalo Campos, A.Aguilar Mora, G.Melgarejo Palafox

A contribution to an evaluation of landslide susceptibility in the Apuan
Alps (Italy): geologic and geomorphic factors of the 1996 soil slip-debris
G.D’Amato Avanzi, R.Giannecchini, A.Puccinelli

Analysis of pore pressure conditions leading to slope instability during
November 2000 event in Tuscany
S.Dapporto, G.Falorni, V.Tofani, P.Vannocci

A high-stress rheometer for fragmenting rock
T.R.Davies, A.M.Deganutti, M.J.McSaveney

Flow slides in finite slopes

Remedial measures for the debris-flow phenomena in the South
Tyrol Area
A.Dei Svaldi, A.Mazzucato, V.Villi

Flowslides in dry loose sand deposits
C.Di Prisco, S.Imposimato

Acoustic emission techniques for locatine shear surfaces forming
within slopes
N.Dixon, M.Spriggs, R.Hill, A.Kousteni

Reconstruction and recurrence of flood-induced geological effects:
the Vietri sul Mare case history (Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy).
E.Esposito, S.Porfido, C.Violante

Experimental and theoretical investigation on matric suction
measurements in pyroclastic soils
A.Evangelista, M.V.Nicotera, A.Scotto di Santolo

Dynamic impact of the debris flows on the constructions during
the hydro geological disaster in Campania-1998: failure mechanical
models and evaluation of the impact velocity
C.Faella, E.Nigro

Dynamic impact of the debris flows on the constructions durino the  
hydrogeological disaster in Campania-1998: description and analysis
of the damages
C.Faella, E.Nigro

 A hypothesis of technical code on the structural design and repairing
in urban areas with high debris flow risk
C.Faella, E.Nigro

An integrated geomechanical approach for the analysis and hazard
assessment of rock slope failures
M.Fall, R.Azzam, H.Kalpperich

Survey mapping of the stability conditions in gullies and slopes in till
and coarse sediment soils in Sweden
J.Fallsvik, K.Rankka, L.Viberg, M. Nisser

Rock fall hazard assessment in Garda lake coastal cliffs
A.M.Ferrero, M.Migliazza, A.Segalini, G.Negrini

An experimental study on blocks travel distance of rockfalls in quarry
spoils in the Apuane Alps
P.Focardi, L.Lombardi, L.Martinelli

On the resistance to flow of debris flows and of water current with intense
bed load
L.Franzi, G.Bianco

Modeling debris flow deposition
P.Ghilardi, L.Natale, F.Savi

Geotechnical influence on soil slips in the Apuan Alps (Tuscany):
first results in the Cardoso area
R.Giannecchini, A.Pochini

Assessing the post-failure velocità of large landslides using a decision
analysis approach
J.P.Glastonbury, R.Fell

The role of the zero-order basin in flowslide-debris flow occurrence and
 recurrence in Campania (Italy)

Rock fall hazard assessment: from qualitative to quantitative failure probability
D.Hantz, C.Dussauge-Peisser, M.Jeannin, J.-M.Vengeon

Landslide risk from the Hipaua geothermal area lake Taupo, New Zeland
B.K.Hegan, J.D.Johnson, C.M.Serverne

Rainfall induced lahars in volcanic debris in Nicaragua and El Salvador.
Practical mitigation
H.Heyerdahl, C.B.Harbitz, U.Domaas, F.Sandersen, K.Tronstad, F.Nowacki,  
A.Engen, O.Kjekstad, G.Devoli, S.G.Buezo, M.R.Diaz, W.Hernandez

Mechanics of failure of soil slopes leading to “rapid” failure
G.J.Hunter, R.Fell

Discrimination of former landslide hazard areas in topographical maps-
statistical approach
Y.Iwao, B.Abeysinghe, A.Saito, S.Mochida

Energy approach to flow failure and its application to flow due to water
film in liquefied deposits
T.Kokusho, K.Kabasawa

Surges waves of debris flows in Jiangjia Gully, Kunming, China
Y.Li, Z.C.Kang, Z.Q.Yue, L.G.Tham, C.F. Lee, K.T.Law

Assessment of natural terrain landslide debris mobility
D.O.K. Lo

Analysis of the behaviour of a landslide in structurally complex soils by
means of monitoring fields data
G.Lollino, P.Lollino, G.Bertolini

Mass movements in small alpine watersheds: a common but underestimated
risk. The case of the Savarenche Valley (Aosta valley) on June 23, 2002
F.Luino, M.Chiarle, C.Audisio

Black marl earthflow mobility and long-term seasonal dynamic in
southeastern France
J.-P.Malet, O.Maquaire

Dynamics of distal debris-flows induced in clayey earthflows. Implications
for hazard assessment
J.-P.Malet, A.Remaitre, O.Maquaire, J.Locat

Sensitivity of rainfall thresholds triggering soil slip to soil hydraulic parameter
and hillslope geometry
M.Mancini, D.Rabuffetti

Dynamic friction coefficient of a fluid-solid mixture
R.Martino, T.R.Davies

Predictions by a rheological model of uniform free surface mud-flows
R.Martino, M.N.Papa

Stability of slopes in thin layered soft rock on example of eocene flysch in
region of Dalmatia (CRO)

Experimental analysis on factors triggering soil slip
L.Montrasio, R.Valentino

Analysis of rockfall phenomena in soft and hard rocks
N.Nocilla, A.Evangelista, A.Scotto di Santolo, A.Susani

A risk assessment method of rain-induced slope failure on railway
embankment based on critical rainfall
K.Okada, T.Sugiyama, T.Fujii, N.ota, O.Nunokawa, Y.Akiyama

Hydrologic response of a steep slope in unsaturated pyroclastic soils
L.Olivares, L.Andreozzi, E.Damiano, B.Avolio, L.Picarelli

Wetting and flume tests on a volcanic ash
L.Olivares, E.Damiano, L.Picarelli

Undrained shear strength of pyroclastic soils involved in flowslides
L.Olivares, S.Lampitiello, L.Picarelli

Investigation on failure of sandy slopes caused by heavy rainfall
R.P.Orense, I.Towhata, K.Farooq

Landslides and rockfalls predictions by G.I.S. in western Liguria
R.Passalacqua, A.Baretto

Some features of two large earthflows in intensely fissured tectonized clay
shales and criteria for risk mitigation
L.Picarelli, V.Napoli

Numerical modelling of the Ceppo Morelli rock avalanche
M.Pirulli, C.Scavia, A.Lazzari

Torrential hazard assessment using a debris-flow runout model.
The case of the Faucon stream
A.Remaitre, J.-P.Malet, O.Maquaire, D.Laigle, C.Ancey, J.Locat

Geodrat-a framework for volcanic hazard assessment and management
C.S.Renschler, M.F.Sheridan

Synthetic system to predict slope failures due to rainfall
K. Sako, K.Araki, R.Kitamura

Microseismic monitoring applied to prediction of chalk cliffs collapses
and contribution of numerical modeling
G.Senafaute, V.Merrien-Soukatcjoff, J.Morel, J.C.Gourry

Protection criteria of cut slopes in Eocene flysch in Dalmatia (Croatia)
S.Sestanovic, N.Stambuk Cvitanovic

On geomechanical monotring of natural and man-made slopes
N.M. Syrnikov, Y.S. Rybnov, V.F. Evmenov

Slope movements – analysis and countermeasures by ground improvement
N.Tamaskovics, J.Klapperich, R.Azzam

Debris flow hazard mitigation using GIS: an example in the F. Menotre
basin (central Italy)
A.Taramelli, L.Melelli, C.Cattuto, L.Gregori

Numerical modelling of shallow landslides triggered by rainfall
A.Tarantino, L.Mongiovì

Regional analysis of severe rainfall events

Analysis of rock avalanches generated by planar rock slides on high
mountain slopes
P.Tommasi, C.Consorti, P.Campedel, R.Ribacchi

A fast slope movement in the Abruzzi hilly region
G.Totani, G. Di Giannandrea, M.Tallini

A case history of geotechnical monitoring and stabilization of a landslide
J.Valiki, D.Chu, M.Pearce

Effects of grain crushing properties on rapid landslides from experimental
study to motion simulation
F.W.Wang, T.Matsumoto, K.Sassa

A general mechanism of long-runout landslides induced by earthquake and
rainfall in crushable soils
F.W.Wang, K.Sassa

Volcaniclastic debris flows in the Clanio valley (Campania, Italy)
G.Zanchetta, R.Sul pizio, R.Santacroce, G.Cosimi, S.Sgrò, M.T.Pareschi,
M.Bisson, M.Favalli

Structural vulnerability to pyroclastic and debris flow
G.Zuccaro, S.M.Petrazzuoli

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