International Conference on Fast Slope Movements Prediction and Prevention for Risk Mitigation – Volume II

Nome della Conferenza / Evento: Atti IC FSM Volume II Napoli, 2003

Anno di pubblicazione: 2003



Un Volume Interamente  a stampa di 175 pp.



Opening ceremony
A. Burghignoli

Opening lecture

Characteristics of waterfront lankslides induced by earthquakes
K. Ishihara

SessionI: Risk assessment – from theory to practice (soil/rock characterisation,
groundwater regime, slope analysis, thresholds, hazard assessment, intensity,
vulnerability, mapping …)

General report

Risk assessment of fast landslide – from theory to practice
L. Cascini

Panel reports

Flowslide effects on constructions
C. Faella

Risk assessment and prevention for landslides and rockfalls at La Clapière
and Roquebillière slopes
P. Mouroux

Numerical modelling of fast slope movements
M. Pastor, E. Gonzalez, M.I. Herreros, J.A. Fernandez Merodo,
P. Mira,  M. Quecedo

Invited lecture

Runout of rock analanches and volcanic debris avalanches
T.R.H. Davies, M.J. Mc Saveney

Gianmaria Iaccarino Award

Session II: Risk mitigation (slope stabilisation, alert and alarm systems,
protection criteria, land management …)

General report

Risk mitigation against fast slope movements
N.R. Morgenstern

Panel Reports

Major lessons learnt related to risk mitigation in Italy
G. Barla

Fast slope movements in urban Hong Kong – an example of integrated risk management
Y.C. Chan

Estimation of the runout zone of fast landslides
J. Nakamura, T.F. Fathani, K. Suzuki

Round table: Criteria for land management – comparison among different experiences

Criteria for land management for debris flow hazard
R. Fell

Natural terrain management criteria – Hong Kong practice and experience
H.N. Wong

G. Barla

Post-symposium papers

Simple mechanisms for strength regain on the slip surface of stop-start mudslides
M.G. Angeli, P. gasparetto

Some practical experiences in swiss south alps with slope stability subject to
blast induced dynamic stress
L. Bonzanigo, P. Oppizzi

Susceptibility of slopes with respect to devris flows
M.A. Kanji, F. Massad, P.T. Cruz




List of participants

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