Convegno Internazionale sui Geosintetici

Nome della Conferenza / Evento: Atti EUROGEO2

Anno di pubblicazione: 2000



(Bologna, 15-18 ottobre 2000), a cura dell’AGI-IGS
Due Volumi interamente a stampa, in lingua inglese, per un totale di 978 pp. e 1 CD Rom.




Welcome from AGI

EuroGeo 2 organisation

– The behaviour of geosynthetic reinforced soil system in
  various geotechnical applications
  McGown A.

– Special applications of geosynthetics in geotechnical engineering
  Brandi H., Adam D.

– Critical review of geosystems in hydraulic and coastal engineering
  Pilarczyk K. W.

– Lessons learned form successes and failures associated with
  Giroud J. P.

SESSION 1A – Slopes and walls: case studies
– The use of stiff geogrids to build the reinforced soil walls for
  slovak roads
  Baca L., Baslik R.

– Long-term behaviour of AN instrumented wall reinforced
  with geogrids
  Carrubba P., Moraci N., Montanelli F.

– Design and measurements of a reinforced steep slope under
  motorway Nuernberg – Berlin
  Floss R., Stiegeler R.

– One of Europe’s tallest green faced geosynthetic reinforced
  retaining structures
  Herold A.

– Behavior of geogrid reinforced soil wall using box – type wall
  Hirai T., Otani J.

– Slope stability rehabilitation by geomembranes in Greece
  Kollios A., Ritsos A.

– Stabilization of a rocky cliff by a geosynthetic reinforced earthfill
  Meriggi R., Coccolo A.

– Geosynthetic as filter layer for gabions support construction
  Roje-Bonacci T., Sestanovic S., Miscevic P., Turkovic A.

– Construction of a geogrid – reinforced earth – wall inside a warehouse
  Viel F.

– The history and development of incremental block wall systems
  utilising geogrid reinforcement
  Wills P. G.

SESSION 2A – Slopes and walls: design aspects
– Time and temperature effects on the behaviour of
  geosynthetics-reinforced walls
  Gottardi G., Simonini P.

– Reinforced soil embankments design and construction
  Jackson P., Corbert S., Kjeld A.

– Confining effect of geogrid reinforced soil introduction into
  design method
  Kawamura T., Umezaki T., Ochiai H., Yasufuku N., Hirai T.

– Slope stability analysis by artificial neural network
  Mandal J. N., Nimbalkar S. S.

– Large-scale investigation on a geosynthetic reinforced earth
  Mannsbart G.

– Influences on the calculatorily required geotextile reinforcement
  for retaining structures
  Ruegger R., Flum D.

SESSION 3A – Slopes and walls: numerical modelling
– Numerical modelling of a geogrid reinforced wall
  Biondi G., Maugeri M., Carrubba P.

– Plane strain in tests on reinforced sand and their numerical
  Cividini A., Sterpi D.

– Numerical study of retaining walls with non-uniform reinforcement
  Hatami K., Bathurst R. J., Di Pietro P., Bianco P. M.

– FEM anaysis of behaviour of a geogrid reinforced soil slope with
  a complex geometry
  Napoleoni Q., Schiavo M., Gottardi G., Tonni L.

– Numerical analysis of a model wall reinforced with polyproply geogrids
  Simonini P., Schiavo M., Gottardi G., Tonni L..

SESSION 4A – Embankments and foundations: case studies
– Projacts and optimized engineering with geogrids form “non-usual”
  Alexiew D., Sobolewski J., Pohlmann H.

– The effect of high strenght geosynthetic to stabilise an embankment
  on soft ground
  Hashizume H., Komani T., Kawahara H., Nagao K., Imayoshi H.

– Behaviour of geonet in sand replacement method on very soft clay
  Imanishi H., Ochiai H., Nishihara K.

– Amsterdam A2/A9 Project; Embankments using reinforced soft soils
  on very soft sub-oils
  Meisner E., Huybregts Th., Uijting B. G. J.

– Effects of large differential settlements on embankments on soft soils
  Palmeira E. M., Fahel A. R. S.

– The design and constuction of a noise barrier in reinforced soil at brussels   
  international airport
  Rankilor P. R., de Meerleer F., Jaecklin F., van Bossuyt F.,
  van Demeulebroecke S., de Vos M., Fransen W.

– Reinforced piled embankment – 2D and 3D numerical modelling compared
  with case studies
  Rogbeck Y., Eriksson H. L., Perrson J., Svahn V.

– Long-term behaviour of preloaded and prestressed geogrid reinforced
  soil bridge pier
  Uchimura T., Shinoda M., Tatsuoka F.

– Application of geosynthetics for the improvement of horizontal bearing
  capacity of piles
  Yamada M., Iwagami N., Ochiai H., Maeda Y., Igase Y.

SESSION 5A – Embankments and foundations: design methods
– Soil substitute reinforced by geosynthetics: qualification of the effect by   
  numerical modelling
  Beneito C., Gotteland Ph., Nancey A.

– Protection of road and railways embankments against collapse involved
  by sinkholes
  Bruhier J., Sobolewsky J.

– Mathematical modelling of geogrid reinforced embankments subject
  to high energy rock impacts
  Carotti A., Peila D., Castiglia C., Rimoldi P.

– A study about geosynthetic – reinforced foundation
  Fabrin T. W., Vidal D. M., Faileros A.

– Full scale tests on geogrid reinforced embankments for rock fall
  Peila D., Castiglia C., Oggeri C., Guasti G., Recalcati P., Sassudelli F.

– Bearing capacity of shallow strip foundation on geogrid – reinforced sand
  Shin E. C., Shin D. H., Das B. M.

SESSION 6A – Creep behaviour
– Predicting the long – term strenght of a geogrid using the stepped
  isothermal method
  Greenwood J. H., Voskamp V.

– Twelve year creep tests on geosynthetic reinforcements
  Greenwood J. H., Kempton G. T., Watts G. R. A., Bush D. I.

– Assessment of long – term design strenght of geotextile composites
  by durability test
 Jeon H. Y.

– Comparison of differento long term reduction factors for geosynthetic
  reinforcing materials
  Lothspeich S. E., Thornton J. S.

– Creep of backfill geogrid reinforcement for retaining walls
  Navarrete F., Reddy D. V., Lai P.

– Stepped isothermal method to determine a combined reduction
  factor for creep and installation damage
  Schroer S., Thornton J. S., Muller – Rochholz J., Recker C.

SESSION 7A – Roads, railways and airports

– Railroad embankment with reinforced slopes and base on stone
  Alexiew D., Pohlmann H., Lieberenz K.

– Implementation of geocells in low bearing capacity roads
  Ben – Kuzari K.

– On site test of reinforced freeway with high-strenght geosynthetics
  Bloise N., Ucciardo S.

– Geotextile structures used for the reconstruction of the motorway
  Brau G., Floss R.

– Inchon international airport: subgrade reinforcement with geogrids
  Cancelli P., Recalcati P., Shin E. C.

– Behaviour of cement stabilised fibre reinforced kaolin and laterite soils
  Dall’Acqua G. P., Ghataora G. S., Freer – Hewish R. J.

– New dutch design manual for light – weight road structures with EPS
  Duskov M., Houben L. J. M.

– Stiff geogrids for slovak railways
  Havrila M., Baslik R., Turinic L.

– Railway corridors construction using rigid geogrids reinforcement in the czech   
  Mica L., Hubik P., Mynar J., Minar L.

– Specification profile for geotextiles for separation and filtration in roads –    
  norwegian standard
  Watn A., Eiksund G.

SESSION 8A – Pavement systems
– Performance of geocompste membrane in pavement systems
  Al – Qadi I. L., Eiseifi M. A., Wilkers J.

– Lessons learned form 20 years experience on geosynthetic
  reinforcement of a pavement foundations
  Jenner C., Paul J.

– Experimental evaluation of a polyester geogrid as AN anti-reflective
  cracking interlayer on overlays
  Montestruque G. EF., Rodrigues R. M., Montez F. T., Elsing A.

– A finite element model illustrating geosynthetic reinforcement mechanisms
  for paved roadways
  Perkins S. W., Edens M. Q., Wang Y., Fragaszy R. J.

– Use of geoteztiles in concrete pavement construction
  Sulten P., Wilmers W.

– Increase of strenght and compaction efficacy by insertion of a
  geogrid in a granular base layer
  Turano Jr. J., Vidal D. M. Rodrigues R. M.

SESSION 9A – Durability properties
– Comparison of oxidation stability of various geosynthetics
  Muller W., Jakob I.

– Strength and durability of backfill geogrid reinforcement for retaining
  Reddy D. V., Navarrete F., Lai P.

– Durability of polyolefine geosynthetics under elevated oxygen
  pressure in aqueous liquids
  Schroeder H. F., Bahr H., Hermann P., Kneip G., Lorenz E., Schmuecking I.

– Long-term resistance oxidatio of PP and PE geotextiles
  Von Maubeuge K., Ehrenberg H.

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EuroGeo 2 organization

SESSION 1B – Landfills: case studies
– Slope stabilization with geosynthetics in the construction of
  a MSW landfill
  Cioli A., Daddi P., Mori F., Ghezzi G., Ghezzi P., Pellegrini M.

– Reclamation of AN old landfill site using geosynthetic materials
  Crasso M., Ghezzi P.

– A case history of geosynthetics used for the Biffa landfill site,
 South of Brussels, Belgium
 De Meerleer F., Demanet M., Leboulle R.

– Elstow waste transfer station: the application of a geocell for
  building foundations on a landfill site
  Duffin J. P., Jenner C.

– Drainage design in al landfill lining system at the saint sylvestre
  Bas le Roc (Creuse, France)
  Durkheim Y., Gendrin P.

– Use of geosynthetics in landfills case studies from Romania
  Feodorov V., Manea S., Batali l., Sofrone D.

– Landfill capping and road runoff basins: functional approach design
  Garcin P., Artieres o., Enzinger A.

– Innovative use of geosynthetics in landfill construction at Sutton Wick,    
  Jones D. R. V., Taylor D. P.

– Stability of different inclined CAP liner systems – landfill field trials
  Villard P., Gourc J. P., Reyes Ramires R., Thomas S., Feki N.

SESSION 2B – Landfills: design aspects

– Settlements in landfills and geomembranes induced strains
  Courard L.

– Gesoynthetics interface testing at low normal stresses:
  design implications
  Dixon N., Kamugisha P., Jones D. R. V.

– On solid waste landfills seismic response anaysis
  Frenna S. M., Maugeri M.

– Drawing of a securtiy plan about geosynthetics
  Ghezzi P.

– Difficulties associated with the specification of protection geotextiles
  using only unit weight
  Jones D. R. V., Shercliff D. A., Dixon N.

– Geomembrane liner failure: modelling of its influence on contaminant
  Nosko V., Touze – Foltz N.

– The load case “execution phase” of stratified geosynthetic system
  SaathoffF., Vollmert L., Wittemoller J., Stelljes K., Klompmaker J.

– Prediction of long term shear strenght of geosynthetic clay liners
  with shear creep tests
  Zanzinger H., Alexiew N.

SESSION 3B – Landfills: regulations and testing
– Recommendations for new installation procedures of geomembranes
  in landfills
  Averesch U. B., Schicketanz R. Th.

– Effect of landfill construction activities on mobilized interface shear
  Jones D. R. V., Dixon N., Connell A.

– The evaluation of nonwoven geotextiles to outdoor exposure at
   landfill in Korea
   Lee J. Y., Ko J. H., Kim Y. S.

– Quality assurance in hot wedge welding of HDPE geomembranes
  Luders G.

– Long-term behavior of geodrain in composites in landfill capping
  results of exhumations
  Muller – Rochholz J., Bronstein Z.

– Post-installation assessment of the quality of a novel heap leach
  pad liner
  Peggs I. D., Loeffler B.

– Long term testing of geomembranes and geotextiles under shear
  Seeger S., Bohm H., Sohring G., Muller W.

SESSION 4B – Coastal works

– Examples of river bank and coastal protection by a new two
  layer filtration system
  Artieres O., Delmas Ph., Lugmayr R.

– Protection of groyne piles against attack of Teredo Navalis by
  means of geotextiles
  Dede C., Kohlhase S.

– Forces in geocontainer geotextile during dumping from barge
  De Groot M. B., Bezuijen A., Pilarczyk K.

– Case studies on field trial of nonwoven natural geotextiles in reinforced   
  vegetative bank protection
  Majumder A. K., Ghosh S. K., Saha S. C., Goswami K.

– Modelling of reclamation of soft ground by geosynthetic layer beneath
  the granular fill
  Ramu K., Madhav M. R.

– Bank protection of the Ravenna harbor by a composite filtration
  Sarti L., Bonvicini A., Artieres O.

SESSION 5B – Dams, reservoirs and tunnels
– Design of anchoring at the top of slopes for geomembrane lining
  Briancon L., Girard H., Poulain D., Mazeau N.

– Durability of PVC – P geomembranes assessment after very long
  UV exposure
  Fayoux D., van derSype D.

– Steep – sided temporary bunds reinforced with nonwovens and steel
  Kohler U.

– Geomembrane sealing system in the Swedish Hallandsas tunnel
  Lemke S., Kopp B.

– Underwater installation of a waterproofing geomembrane at lost
  creek arch dam
  Scuero A. M., Vaschetti G. L.

– The dutch experience with geomembranes for road constructions
  Van Meerten J. J., Lambert J. W. M., Vercouteren J. P., Tan G. L.

SESSION 6B – Canals, rivers and inland waterways
– Filter design for external erosion control on the basis of a reversing –
  turbulent – flowest
  Abromeit H. U.

– Pressure spreading at soil water interfaces and its influence on soil
  structure design
  Kohler H. J.

– Geosynthetic lining system in French navigable canals: design of the
  protective layer
  Poulain D., Girard H., Briancon L., Fagon Y., Flaquet – Lacoux V.

– Lined formwork for the casting of curved and inverted concrete surfaces
  for a major siphon weir
  Rankilor P. R.

SESSION 7B – Geosynthetic clay liners
– New perspectives for geosynthetic clay liners using calcium bentonite
  Alexiew N.

– Evaluation of GCLs overlaps hydraulic performances
  Al Nassar M., Didier G., Cazaux D.

– GCL/Minesite leachate hydraulic performance test in the laboratory
  using simulated site conditions
  Eberle M. A., Wright M., Peter P.

– Long-time behaviour of GCLs used for landfill cappings with thin
  Eichenauer T.

– Effects of inorganic leachate on polymer treated GCL material
  El – Hajji D., Ashmawy A. K., Darlington J., Sotelo N.

– Utilization of GCL at recultivation works of burning dump of mine
  Katerina, radvance
  Janotka I., Kiss S., Svoboda i., Novotny J.

– Industrial sludge deposit using geosynthetics. experimental research
  and case study
  Manea S., Batali L., Popa H., Sofrone D.

– Effect of ion exchange on GCL used at roads in water catchement
  Ranis D., Heyer D.

– Self-healing of geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) after extreme drying
  Reuter E., Egloffstein T.

– Desiccation tests on geosynthetic clay liners
  Sporer H., Sivakumar Babu G. L., Gartung E.

– Assessment of different geosynthetic clay liners in lysimeters
  Von Maubeuge D., Ehrenberg H., Reuter E., Blumel W., Walter M.

SESSION 8B – Hydraulic properties
– Romanian geocomposte-producing and utilization in construction
  Bostenara M., Siminea I., Dragomir G.

– Design of waterflow in geodrain composites under the aspect of
  Bronstein Z., Muller – Rochholz J.

– A test for measuring permeability of geomembranes
  Lambert S., Touze – Foltz N.

– Influence of joints on transmissivity of drainage geocomposites
  Meydiot V., Lambert S.

– New methodology for in-suspension filtration test
  Urashima D. C., Vidal D. M.

SESSION 9B – Erosion control
– Detailed studies of erosion control geomats using laser doppler
  McKay D. J., Hytiris N., Addison P. S.

– Geotextiles performance as barriers for erosion control
  Palmeira E. M., Farias R. J. C.

– Slopes stabilization of loess and marl soils at semi areas by using
  geocells – case studies
  Rosen A.

– Contributions to the development of geosynthetics and of the technical
  solutions with these materials
  Vintila B.

WORKSHOP 1 – Education and teaching
– Teaching of geosynthetics in UK University
  Greenwood J. R.

– Teaching about geosynthetics at graduate and postgraduate level
   in civil engineering in Romania
   Manea S., Batali L.

WORKSHOP 2 – Innovative products
– Properties of the new laser welded geogrid made of extruded bars
  Elias J. M.

– Construction of slopes using cohesive fills and a new innovative
  geosynthetic material
  Kempton G. T., Jones C. J. F. P., Jewell R. A., Naughton P. J.

– Recent development of lightweight geomaterials in Japan
  Yasuhara K., Kikuchi Y., Yamane N.

WORKSHOP 3 – Seismic aspects
– Reduced order model for seismic analysis of geogrid reinforced
  soil walls
  Carotti A., Rimoldi P., Carozzi L.

– Use of EPS geofoam for seismic isolation of earth retaining structures:
  results of E FEM study
  Pelekis P. C., Xenaki V. C., Athanasopoulos G. A.

– Geogrids for reinforcing masonry buildings and structures
  Sofronie R. A.

WORKSHOP 4 – Certification and mechanical properties
– Validitation of the comparison between wide-width tensile test
  and static puncture test on geotextiles
  Agosti A., Cazzuffi D., Mongiovì L.

– On the burst strength of nonwoven geotextiles
  Atmatzidis D. K., Chrysikos D. A.

– Shear strength in the interface between compacted fine grained
  soil and  nonwoven geotextile
  Seraphim L. A., Zagatto Penha M. J. A.

– Long term, compressive creep behavior of high density polyehtylene
  Thornton J. S., Allen S. R., Siebken J. R.

– Geosynthetics certification through Europe
  Zanzinger H.

WORKSHOP 5 – Installation damage
– Geogrid construction damage resistance preliminary test results
  Cancelli P., Montanelli F.

– The study of the installation damage of flexible geogrids
  Hsieh C., Wu J. H., Hsieh M.

– Installation damage and creep of geosynthetics and their combined
  effect –  experimental analysis
  Pinho Lopes M., Recker C., Muller – Rocholz J., Lopes M. L.

– Evaluation of geotextiles survability by field test
  Rathmayer H.

WORKSHOP 6 – Environmental applications
– Burial place for radioactive waste
  Ofrikhter V. G., Ponomaryov A. B.

– Geosynthetics biogas barriers under buildings: case studies
  using a geomembrane
  Rollin S., Fournier J. F.

– Sowed biodegradable geotextile for fixing the ash dump of coal
  and preventing environmental pollution
  Siminea I., Bostenaura M.

WORKSHOP 7 – Interface aspects
– Equipment for measuring the friction between soils and
  geosynthetics with control of total suction
  Asanza E., Saez J.

– British – German cooperative research on geosynthetic friction
  testing methods
  Blumel W., Stoewahse C., Dixon N., Kamughisha N., Jones D. R. V.

– A comparison of geomembrane/geotextile interface shear and ring
 shear Jones D. R. V., Dixon N.

– Long term friction behaviour in interfaces with geomembranes
  Lara T. G., Vidal D. M.

WORKSHOP 8 – Pull out behaviour
– Pull-out testing of geogrid reinforcements
  Bolt A. F., Duszinska A.

– In-soil-testing of geogrids with low construction deformations
  Floss R., Brau G., Bauer A.

– Pull-out of backfill geogrid reinforcement for retaining walls
  Reddy D. V., Gao S., Navarrete F., Lai P.

WORKSHOP 9 – Leak detection
– Recent developments towards watertight structures
  Lambert J. W. M., van Deen J. K., van Meerten J. J.

– The boundary conditions of the electrical monitoring systems in practice
  Nosko V., Gregor T., Ganier P.

– Liner leaks – using the internet to prevent them
  Peggs E. J., Peggs JI. D.

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