Two-dimensional FE analysis of ground movements induced by shield tunnelling: the role of tunnel ovalization

In this work, a simple, yet effective procedure for simulating mechanized tunnelling operations with the FE method in 2-d plane-strain conditions is presented, which allows to take into account the ovalization of the tunnel boundary associated with a non-uniform gap closure, and includes, as a special case, the classical method of ROWE et al. [1983] and LEE et al. [1992]. The importance of tunnel ovalization on the predicted displacement field is demonstrated by means of a parametric study on a idealized tunnelling problem. The application of the proposed method to real tunnel excavations is demonstrated by means of two class C predictions of actual ground deformations as observed in two different case-histories of TBM tunnelling in soft clays.

In this work, a …

AUTORI: Tamagnini C., Miriano C., Sellari E., Cipollone N.
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