The microzonation of Sellano – Sellano: the complex subsoil beneath an old hill town in Umbria



This paper describes the peculiar subsoil conditions beneath the small town of Sellano and, in particular, the geological-structural setting and spatial relationships between the formations which make up the bedrock and surficial soils, taking into account the urban evolution of the site. From surveys carried out it is clear that it is not possible to determine the sub-surface litho-stratigraphy within old towns from the nature of the substratum, but that a thorough study is required of the lithological and geotechnical features of the soils and their disposition. Such an understanding is important as it has a controlling influence not only on activities connected to restoration work and seismic reinforcement of the buildings but also on the study of seismic zonation.

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AUTORI: Guadagno F.M., Magaldi S.
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