The microzonation of Sellano – Dynamic characterization of soils at Sellano for seismic microzonation



This paper describes the results of an in situ study which was carried out iu order to determine the geotechnical dynamic soil behaviour of the Sellano area for seismic microzouation, with special attention being paid to the variation of initial shear modulus with depth. The experimental study was carried out using Down-Hole Test and Standard Penetration Test (SPT) results. General geotechnical characteristics were evaluated on undisturbed samples in static field. The results obtained showed the possibility to use empirical correlations from SPT to evaluate G0. The use of a new equation to estimate the initial shear modulus was also proposed. Finally a comparison between normalised laws for different cohesive soils to consider shear modulus decay and damping ratio increase with strain level was proposed.

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AUTORI: Cavallaro A., Maugeri M.
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