The microzonation of Nocera Umbra – Geological-engineering data for the seismic microzonation of the community of Nocera Umbra, Italy



The results of geological-engineering investigations carried out for the GNDT/SSN project, “Detailed microzonation of the comunity of Nocera Umbra” are given. Geological models are proposed for the aereas of Nocera Scala, Nocera Umbra, Isola, Le Molina and Costa, with particular attention being given to the boundary surfaces. Geotechnical data of the introduced bedrock and surface lithotechnical units are synthetised and the geomechanical contrast between these two deposit types are discussed using also shear wave velocity (VS) data. The weathering effects on the upper zones of the terrigeneous bedrockare analysed, indicating that “seismic” bedrock is markedly different from the “geological” bedrock. Finally, some geological-engineering settings susceptible to ground motion amplification are proposed based on the results of the investigations.

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AUTORI: Bozzano F., Parroni F., Traversa P., Valentini G.
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