The microzonation of Fabriano – Seismic input estimate at Fabriano from scaled and extended sources



The description of short—period source radiation is of utmost importance in developing techniques for strong motion simulation and prediction. The more common approach considers only the kinematics of rupture and several sirnplified source models have been used with great success to describe gross features ofthe source process. In this paper we compute synthetic seismograms using a deterministic approach to simulate the strong motion at the Fabriano recording site for a scaled point source and for a two—dimensional source approximation with a uniform slip model. Our approach has been already applied to simulate the strong ground motions of the 1976 Friuli earthquake (North-East Italy), the 1693 Catania earthquake, and the strongest 1997 Umbria-Marche earthquakes (central Italy).

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AUTORI: Romanelli F., Saraò A., Suhadolc P., Vaccari F.
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