The microzonation of Fabriano – Engineering geological investigations for the seismic microzonation of Fabriano (Marche, Italy)



Detailed site and laboratory investigations on both bedrock and surface lithological units outcropping in Fabriano town allowed the reconstruction ofthe engineering geological scenario of the area, where seismic microzonation was undertaken after the seismic sequence of Septernber-October 1997. Inmost of the historic centre, where no significant damage was recorded, results show the presence of dense gravelly-sandy deposits, whose maximum thickness is about 30 m. In recent urbanized zones, despite the building characteristics, more severe damage was observed; it is suggested that such a pattern is clue to the presence of old landslide debris and anthropic backfill, as for Borgo zone, and fluvio-lacustrine originated organic silty-clayey soils, as for La Spina-Serraloggia zone. In this latter area, further investigations based on geomorphological, structural and isotope geochemical analyses, pointed out the influence of recent NE—SW trending discontinuities on seismic waves focusing.

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AUTORI: Parroni F., Scarascia Mugnozza G., Traversa P., Valentini G.
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