Settlements of shallow foundations on soft rocks

The results of a series of experimental tests on model foundations resting on a layer of calcarenite and subjected to eccentric loading are presented. It is shown that, for small load levels, the foundation behaviour can be well described as if the rock would behave as a linear elastic material. After a threshold load, that depends on load eccentricity, however, bond crushing occurs and permanent displacements take place. In order to predict such irreversible settlements, a method based on the macroelement concept is presented. This method allows to connect increments in forces and overturning moments (generalised stresses) to the corresponding increments in displacements and rotations (generalised strains), by means of an elastoplastic relationship with hardening or softening. It is shown a reasonably good agreement between theoretical predictions and experimental data for displacement levels of engineering relevance.

The results of …

AUTORI: Nova R., Parma M., Castellanza R.
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