Modelling of fast landslides and waves induced by them in reservoirs and other water bodies

Some fast, catastrophic landslides, propagating over long distances exhibit a fluid like behaviour. Fluidization –or liquefaction- of the soil is caused by its very loose, metastable structure. Tendency to densify under shearing generates the high pore pressures responsible of this phenomenon. We propose a general model for the coupling between solid skeleton and the pore fluids, which can be used both for initiation and propagation phases. The model is able to simulate dissipation of pore pressures at the propagation phase. From here, it is possible to simplify the model by integration in depth. If the full model is kept, it is necessary to describe the interface with the atmospheric air, which is done using a level set algorithm. An advantage of the proposed formulation is that it is also possible to model the effects of the landslide when entering a reservoir, lake or bay. There several interfaces (air-soil, air-water and soil-water) are modeled via level set also.

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AUTORI: Pastor M., Quecedo M., Herreros M.I., Gonzalez E., Haddad B., Fernandez Merodo J.A., Mira P.
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