The study of slope behaviour is a very complex issue, which is not always considered in the right way. In particular, the problem of slope movements is often ignored, notwithstanding its relevance in the risk analysis. The paper is devoted to this fundamental topic, distinguishing four different stages of slope behaviour, clearly characterised by different features: the prefailure, failure, postfailure and reactivation stages. A geotechnical characterisation of landslides based on this approach has been applied to the “structurally complex” clay soils and stiffjointcd clays of the Italian Apennine.

The main aspects of the problem have been examined on the light of the great experience gained in Italy in the last thirty years. It has been shown that at least a qualitative prediction of slope behaviour in each of the four stages may be obtained, in quite a good agreement with the the soil response which results from laboratory tests.

    The study of slo …

AUTORI: D'Elia B., Picarelli L.., Leroueil S., Vaunat J. RIG ANNO: 1997 NUMERO: 3 Numero di pagina: 5



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