The results of six years monitoring of three slopes bordering the Santa Barbara open pit mine (Arezzo, Italy) are presented and discussed. The slopes are modelled in the Santa Barbara overeonsolidated clay. Slide activity is characterised by slow movements. It has been found that the movements generally occur as a consequence of rainfalls. The effective rainfalls cumulated on several months appear to be the factor governing the movements of large slide bodies, while high intensity rainfalls are most likely related to the movements of small slide bodies. The main differences between the characters ofthe movement, which can vary from “continous” to essentially “jerky”, are also emphasised.

These differences are mainly interpreted as a result of the effects of the restraint conditions of the slide bodies.

The role played by the mechanical and hydraulic properties of the slide material together with the thickness of the slide in explaining these differences is also pointed out.

    The results of s …

AUTORI: Lanzo G., D'Elia B. RIG ANNO: 1996 NUMERO: 2 Numero di pagina: 15



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