Cyclic properties of Toyoura Sand at small to medium strains in simple shear test



Cyclic properties of Toyoura sand were investigated at small to medium shear strains using a simple shear apparatus for small-strain testing. The cyclic properties are expressed in terms of the maximum (Gmax), secant (Gs) and normalized shear moduli (Gs/Gmax), and the damping ratio (D). Cyclic shear strain amplitude, vertical effective consolidation stress, frequency of cyclic loading (f) and number of cycles (N) were varied among the tests. The objective of the paper is twofold: (a) to systematically analyze and present the results of simple shear testing on Toyoura sand with attention paid to the effects; (b) to compare the simple shear test results with the laboratory results obtained by other researchers using different testing techniques.

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AUTORI: Lanzo G., D'Elia B.
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