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Interface behaviour of polydisperse granular materials: discrete element modelling of ring simple shear tests

Claquin C., Emeriault F.


The behaviour of granular materials is analysed by numerical simulations (using Discrete Element Method) of a ring shear test with a generic triangular patterned interface characterized by its height and sharpness. The effect of the granulometry of the assembly is also analysed. The considered granular assemblies are created with up to three different sizes of particles and the size ratios range from l to 10.

The global shear behaviour is mainly influenced by the interface microscopic roughness. The geometry of the interface affects this behaviour only when the interface local friction ratio is smaller than the interparticlc friction ratio and is close to zero. The global shear behaviour depends on the size ratio but also on the respective volume fraction.

The numerical results are confronted with two homogenisation approaches. Theoretical developments are based on the assumption that the granular assembly is isotropic with linear elastic interaction. The effect of the granulometry is introduced in these developments and compared with the numerical simulations.

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